THE MOX ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE! Call out for an antinuclear camp in Bricquebec, Normandy.

Areva announced the next transportation of nuclear fuel MOX (mixed uranium and plutonium) from France to Japan, which will be the first delivery of this type since the accident at Fukushima in March 2011.

The last shipment of MOX to Japan was in 2010, the one planned for the spring of 2011 was postponed after the accident at Fukushima. The plan is to send MOX for Kansai Electric Takahama reactor 3 which is not running ; we therefore have to fear an imminent restart. But the main reason for Areva to ship this MOX is that it won’t be usable as nuclear fuel pretty soon as plutonium gets degraded. It is intolerable to allow AREVA to continue his vile trade. We can’t just stay around watching the disaster getting worse without addressing head-on the nuclear industry and putting a spanner in the works.

We know how to do things as we showed during the Castor transport last November that was heading to Gorleben in Germany as well as in the fight against High Voltage power liners (THT) in Cotentin-Maine. Our commitment has not wavered an inch and thanks to our previous experience we expect to hinder the smooth running of the nuclear transport machinery with containers of MOX by truck between The Hague and the port of Cherbourg.

That is why we invite all of you to come and to be as many as possible for the camp in Bricquebec to organise ourselves to prevent the smooth running of the transport. The Fukushima disaster is not over, we will never resign ourselves, nor will we compromise on the nightmare that has been inflicted by the Nuclear Society. As it is totally unacceptable to push for the restart of Japan’s nuclear industry, we will not let you continue your infamous task in silence.

This outrageous transportation must be cancelled, either by force or through discussions.


Meet in Bricquebec 24 hours before the trucks leave from the AREVA site in La Hague to block the transport of MOX to Japan.


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